History of the Baltimore Branch

Nathaniel Alexander was born July 15, 1978, to a home maker mother and an Air Force engineer father on Andrews Air Force base in Maryland. Oldest of 3, family often moved around a lot for a couple years because of his father’s military career. However, when Nathan was 8 years old, in a small town in Colorado called Victor, the family was on vacation when they stumbled on a bridge that was inhabited by a troll. It lashed out to attack his siblings, but he shielded them, and passed out from the pain of its claws raking his back. Their parents quickly collected them and they escaped. When he came to, he had no memory of what happened. His parents decided to keep it a secret, and made his siblings promise to do the same. The only remains of it, though, is a single claw mark scar running down his back that he doesn’t even know is there. All he feels is the phantom pain.

Subconsciously, he developed an interest in ghost because of this. However, his parents wanted to bury the incident, and discouraged his interest. This only fed the interest, but it was eventually done in secrecy.

His family moved back to Maryland in 1988, when his father retired from the Air Force, and they settled down in the quiet town of Millersville. And in 1989, the world learned, and acknowledged (to some degree) that ghosts existed when Gozer came into being in New York City. Seeing it all over the news, Nathan knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life, even at the age of 10. And he worked hard. Seeing the proton packs sent his mind spinning that there where ways for people to tangle with ghosts and win. And that was what he wanted out of life. So he had a plan.

Passing through middle and high school, he excelled at math, practical science, and technical classes. Between these and his high standard tests scores, he received a full scholarship with his acceptance to the University of New York City in their Engineering College. And, to his delight, Dr Egon Spengler taught a class that qualified for one of his General Science credits. He was front row center for the first class of it in the fall of 1996. He was the only student. With this, Nathan gained a lot of knowledge from Dr Spengler, as well as Dr Venkman and Dr Stanz, who would occasionally stop in to the class, and who also taught other classes he was in (Psychology and Physical Engineering, respectively). After his one semester, he went back to them and requested an internship, which they agreed to, since he was the only student they had that was so interested. It stated off simple with filing, research, and maintaining the equipment after being instructed on how to do so. But it progressed to upgrading, full equipment fabrication, and even ride along for busts with the occasional assist with trapping. And by the time the next fall had rolled around, Dr Venkman and Dr Stanz had moved on to other parts of the country, leaving Dr Spengler alone for when a major ghost outbreak occurred, and this lead to Nathan leading a team of Dr Spengler’s current 4 students, which was quadruple his semester, and double of the spring semester in between. For the next 4 years, Nathan pushed himself to complete his Masters of Engineering as well as to actively bust ghosts. Even with Dr Venkman, Dr Stanz, and their friend Dr Zeedeamore, they where aged and too out of shape to continue to bust ghosts. So they left it to Nathan and Dr Spengler’s students of Kylie, Eduardo, Roland, and Garret.

After earning his Masters, Nathan had to step back from ghost busting to work on his doctorate, with his thesis being engineering applications for ectoplasmic entities. And he received it. He then returned to his work with ghost busting, where he stayed for a number of years.

Fast-forward to 2012…

Nathan returns to Maryland to visit his family. However, he receives a cold reception from his parents who disapprove of his field choice. His siblings are more receptive, but they shy away due to the promise from when they where children and from not wanting the shared scorn of their parents. After what ended up being a quick trip, he drove over a small bridge in Cockeysville…that was inhabited by a troll. A flood of memories came back from the experience while he captured it (having not been around for when the others had caught their troll), and he pieced together what had happened. But he left it alone with his parents as he returned to New York and planned. He planned the best revenge he could on his parents. And with Egon’s help, as well as the backing of all of the other New York Ghostbuster’s, he set about on opening a franchise in Baltimore, just like how one had opened in Chicago, done by Bryan Welsh, a member of the Ghostbuster’s for a period of time in the early 90’s who wanted to move back home to do his part there.

After almost 2 years of planning, Nathan moved back to Maryland, settling in to live at the headquarters in Baltimore, and find some Ghostbusters of his own. The city was offering up a criminal who committed some petty crimes but was pretty strong, and Egon had suggested a cousin of his who was pretty knowledgeable. Another person was requesting a job from just out of college, which struck a personal cord with him, and an exterminator who could probably handle the tools of the job with ease. Now, all he needed to do was hire them, and work this right so that it was successful so he could hold it over his parents heads and relish in the satisfaction of his revenge.

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History of the Baltimore Branch

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